Next scheduled maintenance: Sept. 20

Sherlock will not be available on Wednesday, September 20 2017 between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

System maintenance and upgrades will be performed during this time. Access to Sherlock will be unavailable, logins will be disabled and jobs won't run during that period.

We placed a maintenance reservation in the scheduler, so no new job will be allowed to start if it doesn't have a chance to end before the downtime.

RSS feed

To make it even easier to follow news and updates, the Sherlock Changelog now supports RSS feeds! Just add the following URL to your favorite RSS reader:

and be sure to never miss an update again!

Cron jobs on Sherlock

Cron jobs are not supported on Sherlock, and going forward they won't be allowed anymore.

Due to various past incidents, we had to disable the functionality, to prevent runaway cron jobs to take out entire login nodes. Moreover, compute and login nodes could be redeployed at any time, meaning that cron jobs scheduled there could go away without the user being notified, and cause all sorts of unexpected results.

To replace the functionality that cron jobs provide, we recommend an alternative solution using regularly scheduled jobs, for users and groups which need to run specific tasks at regular intervals. Please see our Recurring jobs documentation for more details.

New purge policy on $SCRATCH

After holding up for a long time, we're implementing a new expiration policy for all files stored in $SCRATCH and $PI_SCRATCH on Sherlock.

Starting October 1st 2017, all files in $SCRATCH and $PI_SCRATCH that have not been modified during the last 6 months will be automatically deleted.

NB: /scratch owners (ie. PI groups having purchased their own portion of the /scratch filesystem) will be exempted and their files will never expire nor be deleted.

Please refer to the official documentation for more details.

Slurm version update

Slurm has been updated to version 17.02.7.

Full changelog is available here

Search fix on the documentation website

We're glad if you didn't notice, but in case you did, the Search feature on the documentation pages had some issues when searching for complete or capitalized words.

It's all fixed now, so you can open the search box (a simple key press on S or F will do), start typing, and search to your 💜's content!

New $SHERLOCK environment variable

As users start trying out their job submission and application scripts on Sherlock 2.0, we figured it would be useful to easily determine on which platform those scripts are running.

So we've added a new $SHERLOCK environment variable to every user's environment, so scripts could use it to quickly check which software environment they have access to, which modules they'll need to load, and so.

See the updated Transition Guide for more details.

GPUs now available on Sherlock 2.0

The new gpu partition has just been open for production on Sherlock 2.0.

It currently features two kinds of accelerators:

You'll find more details in the documentation.

🎉 Sherlock 2.0 Grand Opening! 🎉

The long wait is finally over! After months of work behind the scenes, we're extremely proud to announce that Sherlock 2.0 is now open to everyone.

And because good news usually come in pairs, we're officially announcing a new website, and brand new documentation.

Go crazy, fire your jobs away, and happy computing!

New Lustre routers in production

Two new Lustre routers have been put in production on Sherlock 2.0, one to serve /scratch, and the other one to serve /oak.

Immediate benefits will be higher availability of the filesystems on Sherlock 2.0 clients, and doubled bandwidth towards both filesystems.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Sherlock will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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