More free compute on Sherlock!

We’re thrilled to announce that the free and generally available normal partition on Sherlock is getting an upgrade!

With the addition of 24 brand new SH3_CBASE.1 compute nodes, each featuring one AMD EPYC 7543 Milan 32-core CPU and 256 GB of RAM, Sherlock users now have 768 more CPU cores at there disposal. Those new nodes will complete the existing 154 compute nodes and 4,032 core in that partition, for a new total of 178 nodes and 4,800 CPU cores.

The normal partition is Sherlock’s shared pool of compute nodes, which is available free of charge to all Stanford Faculty members and their research teams, to support their wide range of computing needs.

In addition to this free set of computing resources, Faculty can supplement these shared nodes by purchasing additional compute nodes, and become Sherlock owners. By investing in the cluster, PI groups not only receive exclusive access to the nodes they purchased, but also get access to all of the other owner compute nodes when they're not in use, thus giving them access to the whole breadth of Sherlock resources, currently over over 1,500 compute nodes, 46,000 CPU cores and close to 4 PFLOPS of computing power.

We hope that this new expansion of the normal partition, made possible thanks to additional funding provided by the University Budget Group as part of the FY23 budget cycle, will help support the ever-increasing computing needs of the Stanford research community, and enable even more breakthroughs and discoveries.

As usual, if you have any question or comment, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].