Sherlock goes container-native

In recognition of the fast-moving software landscape and the emerging needs of our users, we’re pleased to announce, from the SC18 Supercomputing conference in Dallas, TX, that Sherlock is going container-native.

Starting today, users won’t need to load any software module to run their Singularity or Docker containers on Sherlock. Singularity is now available natively on each and every login and compute node on Sherlock, and containers can be executed directly, no preliminary command required.

Oh, and just because we like to go all-in, we’re also throwing a brand new Singularity version into the mix. Singularity 3.0 brings many new features to the table, including:

  • base code re-write into Go
  • Singularity Image Format (SIF)
  • key management Platform (based in PGP) for signing and verification
  • integration With SyCloud services: Remote Build Service, Container Library Service, Key Management Service.

And more! For complete details, see

To get started running your first containers on Sherlock, please check out our documentation about how to use Singularity on Sherlock at