We started migrating compute nodes from Sherlock 1.0 to Sherlock 2.0, as part of the 2nd phase of the transition process described in the Sherlock 2.0 transition guide.

That means that more nodes are now available on Sherlock 2.0, in both owners and public partitions (normal). As a consequence, less nodes are available to run jobs on Sherlock 1.0.

As a result, the job submission limits on Sherlock 2.0 have been increased, and are now as follows (for the normal QOS):

  • 256 CPU-cores per user (up from 128),
  • 512 CPU-cores per group (up from 256).

The transition process will continue, and we will gradually move more Sherlock 1.0 nodes over, further expanding Sherlock 2.0 capacity and reducing Sherlock 1.0's.

Owner nodes on Sherlock 1.0 will be migrated, in coordination with each owner group, starting April 9th. The Sherlock 1.0 environment will likely be retired over the summer.

Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any question.