The Sherlock 1.0 environment is reaching end-of-life, and will be retired over the
summer, according to the timeline provided below. Sherlock 2.0 will
continue to work without any interruption while Sherlock 1.0 is retired.

Sherlock 1.0 retirement timeline

  • starting today, no new user accounts will be created on Sherlock 1.0
  • 05/14: the gpu and bigmem partitions will migrate to Sherlock 2.0
  • 06/25: the normal and dev partitions will migrate to Sherlock 2.0
  • 07/02: the login and DTN nodes will migrate to Sherlock 2.0

This will effectively mark the end of the Sherlock 1.0 environment.

Sherlock 2.0

If you haven't moved your workflows to Sherlock 2.0 yet, now is the
time! You can simply point your SSH client to the new login nodes:

$ ssh <SUNet_ID>

and reach out to [email protected] if you have any question that
we didn't address in the documentation.