SH3_G4FP32 nodes are back in the catalog!

A new GPU option is available in the Sherlock catalog… again!

After a period of unavailability and a transition between GPU generations, where previous models were retired while new ones were not available yet, we’re pleased to announce that the entry-level GPU node configuration is now back in the catalog. With a vengeance!

Built around the same platform as the previous SH3_G4FP32 generation, the new SH3_G4FP32.1 model features:

  • 32 CPU cores
  • 256 GB of memory
  • 2TB of local NVMe scratch space
  • 4x GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs, each featuring 24GB of GPU memory
  • a 200GB/s Infiniband HDR interface


Particularly well-suited for applications that don’t require full double-precision computations (FP64), the top-of-the-line RTX 3090 GPU is based on the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture and provides what’s probably the best performance/cost ratio on the market today for those use cases, and delivers almost twice the performance of the previous generations on many ML/AI workloads, as well as a significant boost for Molecular Dynamics and CryoEM applications.

For more details and pricing, please check out the Sherlock catalog (SUNet ID required), and if you’re interested in purchasing your own compute nodes for Sherlock, the new SH3_G4FP32.1 configuration is available for purchase today, and can be ordered online though the Sherlock order form (SUNet ID required).